Thursday, December 25, 2014


No matter what holiday you celebrate, Festivus, Yule, Chistmas, Giftmess, whatever, this day is usually set aside for family.

Movie marathons, Chinese food, turkey dinners with all of the fixin's, nothing but junk food, give time to relax.

It's a gift to you from you.

We so often don't take time for ourselves.  Society anymore sees it as a weakness.  It's not.  It's time to recharge, to breathe, to be.  So go, BE.   Breathe.

Watch cheesy movies with your family, forget the diet, forget the stresses for the day.  Play with LEGOs, play a game (but not Monopoly.  That game ruins relationships), watch Die Hard, indulge.

Act like a kid.

It's what every holiday is for, right?

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