Monday, July 16, 2012

Out of the suit

I freely admit that I'm a geek.  I'm raising a geek (Imp recently made a LEGO mule from Serenity), most of my family seems to be one flavor of geek or another.
 See, isn't it AWESOME?  The blond is River, by the way.  I think he ran out of brunette wigs.  I'm still not sure why Jayne is a Musketeer.

My current geek?  The Avengers movie.  And Iron Man, and Thor, and Captain America, and Sherlock, and...

I know enough about the comics to truly enjoy the movies.  I want to get further into the comics.  Especially Marvel and Dark Horse.  Batman is about the only DC character that I enjoy.  Beats the hell out of me why, it just is.

As stated many times before I am a knitter.  Something that befalls most knitters (if not all, but I try not to make sweeping statements.  It gets me in trouble) is pretty yarn. 

One such enabler is BeunaSuerte.  She's evil!  She has put out a Shwarma yarn club based on various characters from Avengers.  This month was Genius, Billionare, Playboy, Philanthropist.  Tony Freakin' Stark. 

Now, what color should this yarn be?  Huh?  Like I have to ask.
620 yards of Hot rod red and a flash of gold.  In the words of JARVIS, classy.

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